Why Us… ?

…We’re glad you asked. You see; for decades, Broking in Australia has been separated into two segments. One: Online lenders who use advanced technology, but have no human intuition. Two: Mortgage Brokers who perform tasks offline and have human intuition, but no advanced technology–unnecessarily drawing out a process that should be smarter, simpler, and speedier. Where is the middle-ground? We asked the same question; and seeing as we couldn’t find the answer, we made it.

REAG Finance is a brand-new organisation created by a seasoned team with extensive experience in broking in Australia. We offer a fresh approach to loans, bridging the gap and fusing age-old wisdom with new-age technological convenience. We like to call this the Millennial Experience of Convenience. It’s a winning combination of online technology and the good old-fashioned personal touch!

We focus on evolving 21st century technologies to efficiently conduct the entire application in a way that suits you. No more time-consuming home interviews. No more unnecessary stress. We use unique CRM technology to provide our clients with a simple, easy-to-use portal where you can manage every little part of the property loan application process.

From uploading and tracking files to demystifying queries, holding video conferences, signing digitally(and beyond), there’s no need for the loan application process to waste another second of your time. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home or office to access independent, unbiased advice.

One thing that truly sets REAG apart is our commitment to building relationships that go beyond company/client. Our team believes in nurturing partnerships; offering advice and assistance long after the application.

We want our relationship to continue; through our fully-integrated wealth portal that empowers you with the ability to track your finances through cutting-edge technology. It’s the only way to ensure you’re always getting the right deal, for the right price. Need further assistance with how to save through the banking system? Say no more.