Use of Technology

By September 6, 2018Knowledge Base & Help Docs

Customer Portal

Customer portal basically used to collect your data and documents and enable a simple platform to communicate with you during your loan application process. Through this platform, you can simply upload your bank statements and other documents, also you can have a chat with us like other social media platforms do

User Interface:

This how it looks like when you initially logged into our customer portal, this platform has lots of functionalities. Once you logged into customer portal, straightaway you’ll be taken to loan application process, this process includes several stages which we ask you to fill out information about you such as personal details, income details, expenses, assets, liabilities, objectives etc.

Once you completed these stages then you’ll be redirected to the homepage as it shows in the first image. If you couldn’t fill or submit any document throughout the stage you can click the ‘Edit My Profile’ button and go back to the stages upload it again. On your left-hand side bottom, you can find our team member’s contact details.

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