Phone Consultation

Organise a ten-minute phone consultation with one of our experts to discuss your situation

Our assistant chatbot will take you to the REAG online calendar where you can choose a date and time for the 10-minute phone consultation.

We recommend you book a ten-minute phone consultation as the first appointment with REAG.

Video Conference

This is an in-depth discussion regarding your situation
We use Zoom for video communication because this allows us to share and control both of our screens and provides clear and high-quality visuals. Zoom operates on any device Mac, PC, Apple, and Android. Our assistant will take you to the online calendar, so you can choose a date and time for the conference.

REAG is a virtual finance service provider and we use 21st-century technologies to expedite the process where available. Our REAG assistant has the access to all REAG experts’ diaries and allowing you to book a time that suits your schedule.

Call Us

If you would like to talk to us immediately, call our toll-free number:

Australia: 1300 19 50 31

Head Office: (03) 8354 4121

Our online diaries are between 9am – 5pm est. If you wish to have an appointment inside this time, email us at and our team will organise a more suitable time for you.