So what’s the REAG’s FREE COMPARISON REPORT? We’re glad you asked.

It will take just 60 seconds of your time to get a comparison between what you’re paying on your loan now, and what you have the potential to save.

Did you know that 73% of Australians don’t know what their mortgage is? Don’t be embarrassed if this is you as the bank puts it in the small print. Our free comparison report has been designed to ensure that your information has carefully examined while taking only minutes of your time.

Most consumers are blissfully unaware of what their current interest rate is. One REAG review is all it takes to reveal the exact details within a FREE COMPARISON REPORT. Why wait? Let’s crunch some numbers! There’s no simpler way to determine just how much you can save!

Get Your Free Report

The small “inconvenience” of reviewing your loan could save you thousands. You can utilise our powerful software (provided by Proviso) to get your bank statements sent to the REAG broking team.

Here are the four easy steps:

Request Unique Link
Submit Bank Statements for Analysis
Loan is reviewed
Comparison report sent

From there, we can look at your loan and compare; sending a report back to you containing an indication of what is available on the market now.

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Enza Nanov

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Han Lee

“The use of their software made the application process incredibly easy. I'll be back when I need to buy my next property!”

Georgie Ryan